Interactive Floorplan (IFP) with Furniture Planner Virtual Move-In Solution


Easy IFP was the first Interactive Floorplan to be compatible with Android, iOS and other mobile web browsers.

Easy IFP has a simple interface with load / save / print and social media sharing. It doesn't use flash and it's highly customizable.

For Apartment Communities: Our furniture planner option allows prospective tenants to design and share their living spaces!

For Homebuilders: Easy IFP allows your sales team to show prospects all options available on each of your homes! Additional features such as selecting an elevation, printing out a brochure, clickable photo hotspots and a fun furniture planner make this a great sales tool.

Try It!

The interactive floorplan demo below features photo hotspots, many options, multiple floors and is responsive. Try it in a larger window

Demo shown above features standard design with default colors. Clients can customize interface and furniture colors.


Standard Features:

Interactive Floorplan Features:


  • One-Time Setup Fee - $195 (Custom Theme + Setup)
  • Furniture Planner Only - $50 per Apartment / Home
  • Interactive Floorplans - Single Story Home - $75 *
  • Interactive Floorplans - Two Story Home - $95*

Additional Features

  • Floorplan Creation - $50/Floor
    (Conversion of Raster, 3D or other provided plans to Vector)
  • Additional Options - $3/ea.
  • Photo Hotspots - $1/ea
  • Floorplan Coloring - $5/ea

* Interactive Floorplans include up to 16 options. Additional options available at pricing above.

Our Clients

How Does it Work?

We provide a hosted-solution that you can embed in your website using an IFRAME, or a pop-up window -- like Vimeo, YouTube, or any 3rd party web-app. We provide you a link to each plan that you order.


  • v3.6 - 20170112 - In BETA - Furniture can now be resized, colorized and configured from a new furniture control bar;
  • v3.5.19 - 20161207 - Disabled sharpen filter for mobile due to color and performance problems
  • v3.5.18 - 20161109
    • Tweaks to Download / Print / Share screen for mobile.
    • Fixed furniture controls tip z-index to not show above furniture menu
  • v3.5.17 - 20161020 + Furniture Selection now fully responsive
  • v3.5.16 - 20160908 = Forced furniture tools to bottom center on mobile; improved viewport settings for mobile.
  • v3.5.15 - 20160607
    • + 'Community' variable for Multi-Family
    • + Floors without options do not show in the option list
    • + EasyIFP can now be embedded on SSL websites without error
    • = Furniture rotation/delete tools appear by mouse cursor
  • v3.5.14 - 20160502 - Added Matterport and YouTube Video Hotspots
  • v3.5.13 - 20160430 - Fixed Floorplan Options with 'top:1' from disabling hotspot layer
  • v3.5.13 - 20160424 - Fixed save after load; Forced rotation values to always be 0 - 359
  • v3.5.12 - 20160127 - Fixed column height issues due to $(document).height instead of $(window).height
  • v3.5.11 - 20160114
    • + Mobile layout for Social Sharing Screen
    • + Changed New Tab/Window Pop-ups to appear using fancyBox overlay
    • + Furniture Options now shows the dimensions of the selected piece.
    • = Furniture Options Pop-Up now fixed to bottom left (easier)
    • = Fixed Floorplan Options Button showing up on plans w/o options (room planner only)
    • = Fixed Empty Tooltip appearing at top of left column area on load.
    • = Fixed footer from partially disappearing off page in Safari iOS
  • v3.5.10 - 20160112
    • + Restyled Select Furniture Modal Window
    • = Fixed auto resize on load to work with both w/h depending on largest difference.
  • v3.5.9 - 20151105 - Added tooltips to options with text exceeding given area
  • v3.5.8 - 20151020 - Fixed problem with toggling options responding to both click/touchstart
  • v3.5.7 - 20151002 - Hotspots can now be disabled by option click: disableHotSpot: #
  • v3.5.6 - 20150921 - Mobile Fixes - Photo Hotspots now work, Overscroll disabled correctly
  • v3.5.5 - 20150903 - Load / Save modal windows replaced with SweetAlert dialogs
  • v3.5.4 - 20150831 - Added parameter - ?view=0 (First Floor), 1 (Second Floor), 2 (Both); fixed zoom to always zoom from center
  • v3.5.3 - 20150825 - Hotspots on Multiple Floor Plans
  • v3.5.2 - 20150820
    • + Added Photo Hotspots
    • = Tweaked initial zoom to 0.85
    • = Kill before Add to resolve conflicts.
  • v3.5.1 - 20150819
    • 'Add' logic will now skip if a compatible radio option is selected
    • Zoom controls now increment by 0.1 instead of exponential values
  • v3.5 - 20150726
    • Added Furniture Pop-Up with Rotate and Delete Controls
    • Removed Furniture Handles and Drag/Drop Trash Can
    • Furniture Planner available for all floorplan view modes.
    • Second floor shown below first floor now.

Legacy Versions

Easy Room Planner v2.0 was a responsive flash web application. Click Here for v2.3 Demo (Last Updated: 8/31/2011)

Easy Room Planner v1.5 was a fixed width web application with a busy interface. Click Here for Demo (Last Updated 03/19/2010)

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